Who We Are


Ad Art is an award-winning national sign company doing business in all 50 states.  Ad Art currently has seven branch offices located in California, Nevada and Texas.

We strive for versatility in all that we do. We are a full-service company that not only is able to provide channel letters, pole signs, awnings, and interior signs, but also able to provide custom pylons, monument displays, and a wide array of outdoor/indoor LED and LCD digital signage solutions.

Most importantly we take responsibility for the outcome and performance expectations. We are only as good as our last installation and the ability we have to maintain and build on long lasting relationships. We are guided by ensuring client satisfaction. 


The Story of the Phoenix Rising


To tell the true story of Ad Art one needs a lifetime.  The first Ad Art (known as Ad Art 1.0) was started in 1935 in Modesto, CA. In the 1950’s the Papais brothers (Lou and John) and Dan O’Leary purchased and relocated the company 15 miles north to Stockton, CA.  Throughout the 1960’s Ad Art grew to become one of the top 5 largest sign companies in the US and dominated the Las Vegas market.

In the 1990’s, Ad Art was purchased and taken public on the NASDAQ exchange, traded under the name Display Technologies (DTEK). In the market crash of 2001, Display Technologies was forced to close or liquidate many of their holdings in order to stave off bankruptcy.  Ad Art, a highly profitable business, was closed as a casualty of the parent company losses.

In 2003, Terry Long, Robert Kierejczyk & Jeremy Anderson, all former Ad Art executives, resurrected Ad Art from the ashes.  Starting fresh, Ad Art 2.0 was born and has again risen to become one of the innovative leaders in the signage industry.  Appropriately, the Phoenix is the unofficial symbol of the company which tells the story of Ad Art’s colorful past.